CfP: International Congress on Ottoman Studies

Call for Papers

International Congress on Ottoman Studies

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 30 January 2015.
14-17 October 2015
Sakarya, Turkey

The Aim of the Congress
The aim of this congress is to bring together Ottoman scholars with the aim of presenting the current state of Ottoman scholarship and giving a future direction to such studies.
Modern Ottoman studies started from the perspective of euro-centric history and, to some extent, it has retained this perspective until the present. This approach has precluded a proper understanding of the characteristics that mark Ottoman history. It has also prevented the communities living under Ottoman rule from establishing healthy relationships with each other.
This congress aims to introduce new approaches, which will contribute to a better understanding of the historical relationships of those communities, without ignoring the contribution of the orientalist approach.
In order to prepare a convenient environment to such purposes, the congress will be held in Turkey, followed by conventions in different countries of the former Ottoman geography.

1. Religion and Society
Religion, its influence on the formation and application of politics
Muslim – Non-Muslim relations
State and society
Religious life of Muslims and Non-Muslims
Conversion, apostasy
Opposition movements
Endowments and their place in the social structure

2. Politics and Law
Administrative and bureaucratic structure
Legal thought and practice
Legal and political changes in the classical and modern era

3. Economy
The relation of production and consumption
Economic-financial structure
Operation of commercial structure
International trade
Mining industry

4. Army and War
Structure of the army
Organization of war
War industry
War and economy
Ottoman navy

5. International Relations and Diplomacy
Foreign policy
Testaments and treaties
Security and intelligence

6. Culture and Arts
Traditional and modern arts

7. Science, Technology and Intellectual Life
Philosophical, theological and mystical thought
Medical sciences
Production of technology (industrial, military, etc.)
Cultural/intellectual interactions

8. Education
Classical and modern educational institutions and organizations
Technical training
Teacher-student mobility in the classical and modern periods
Education regulations

9. Health
Perception of health
Organization of medical service
Health policy
Folk medicine

Terms of Participation
The congress languages are English and Turkish.
Individual or panel applications will be accepted. Panel proposals should consist of three or four papers. Panel applications must be done by the panel organiser and must include a panel title and an abstract of each paper in the order of presentation. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 30 January 2015.
The abstract must include the title, purpose and scope, methods, basic sources and the original contributions of the paper to the field and must be between 400-500 words.
Each presenter has 20 minutes for the paper and 10 minutes for discussion.
The congress participation fee is 250 TL (150 TL for students) or 100 euros (60 euros for students). Transportation and accommodation are not included in the fee.
The papers presented at the congress will be evaluated and thematically classified by the editorial board and then will be published.

The full text of the paper must be submitted before the announcement of the Congress program. Only full text submitted papers will be included in the program. The deadline for the submission of the full text is 15 September 2015.

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