7th ANNUAL MEETING of the Slavic Linguistics Society

7th ANNUAL MEETING of the Slavic Linguistics Society

Lawrence, Kansas, USA

25–27 August 2012

Abstracts are due by 15 January 2012. Please send your abstracts to smdsls7@gmail.com.

The purpose of SLS is to create a community of students and scholars interested in Slavic linguistics, that is, the systematic and scholarly study of the Slavic languages. The Society aspires to be as open and inclusive as possible; no school, framework, approach, or theory is presupposed, nor is there any restriction in terms of geography, academic affiliation or status.

Papers dealing with any aspect of Slavic linguistics and within any framework are appropriate, as well as those that represent cross-disciplinary approaches (sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, language acquisition, etc.). The only restriction is that all papers should address an issue pertaining to Slavic linguistics. All talks will be for 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for discussion. We encourage everyone to participate and ask you to share this announcement with as many colleagues and students as possible.

For more information, please see: http://www2.ku.edu/~slavic/conference/or send e-mail to: kusls2012@gmail.com

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