CfP: Mediating Post-Socialist Femininities”

Feminist Media StudiesCall for Papers – Special Issue of Feminist Media Studies on “Mediating Post-Socialist Femininities”

Deadline for submitting abstracts: July 15, 2013
The journal Feminist Media Studies launched a call for papers for “Mediating Post-Socialist Femininities” issue to be published in February 2015. Dr. Nadia Kaneva will be the guest editor for this special issue.
The issue will seek to provide a forum for innovative, feminist media scholarship on women’s experiences, struggles, and identities as they intersect with media production, distribution, and consumption in the post-socialist context. Research that explores gender and mediation in relation to the geographic regions of Central and Eastern Europe (including the Balkans) and the former Soviet Union is particularly welcome.

The following questions suggest some directions for inquiry that will be of interest for this issue:

What is the role of media and of mediation, as a broader cultural process, in the lived experiences and struggles of post-socialist women?
How have post-socialist women engaged with media as media producers and consumers, as well as objects of media representation?
What is the significance of rapid and spectacular commodification of mediated femininities in the post-socialist context and beyond?
How does the female body serve as a battleg round for the enactment and renegotiation ofgendered identities in the post-socialist context?
How can we understand and theorize women’s protest and activist movements in the post-socialist cultural space?
How can research on the mediation of post-socialist femininities inform broader, transnational concerns about feminism as a political and a theoretical project?

This issue seeks to include a range of methodologies and sites for the examination of post-socialist femininities and their mediation. Studies that go beyond textual analyses of media representations and conceive of gendered mediation as a broader cultural process are particularly encouraged. Theoretical discussions related to this issue’s key questions are also welcome.
Guidelines for submission

Abstracts of 350 words should be submitted to Dr. Nadia Kaneva at no later than July 15, 2013.
Organizer:     Feminist Media Studies

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