CfP: Socialism on the Bench

Socialism on the Bench: Construction and Deconstruction

Pula, Croatia
October 1-3, 2015
Deadline for submitting abstracts: April 1, 2015

This year Centre for Cultural and Historical Research of Socialism (CKPIS) at Juraj Dobrila University of Pula partnered with the Book Fair in Istria, one of the most notable cultural events in Croatia.
As this year Fair’s main theme is socialism, the Centre is taking an active part in shaping the Fair’s programme. The international conference is a significant part of this collaboration, and it will take place during the first days of this year’s Book Fair in Istria, providing a significant cultural event with an additional academic touch.
Our intention is to bring together researchers who will discuss the topics that have been unavoidable for the articulation of contemporary history of the area that until the beginning of 1990s formed Yugoslav federation. Politics of modernization and the development of a modern industrial society, with its various aspects, cannot be separated from the almost half-centennial history of self-management socialism. With this broadly defined theme, based on cultural and historical research within the frame of the humanities, we would like to open a dialogue about different aspects of culture, history and politics of the Yugoslav federation and offer dynamic and comparative interpretations of the events, processes and phenomena that formed contemporary identities, both those of the Yugoslav republics under communist rule, and of the independent states in the post-socialist era.

During the conference, socialism will again as a subject be put “on the bench” and in the focus of attention. Depending of the researcher’s interpretation of Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav societies, socialism can be put on various “benches”. It could simply be an academic topic, on a school bench, student’s desk or a lab bench; it could end in front of a court bench, or be sitting on the bench as a substitute player.

The goal of the conference is to strengthen the communication and collaboration between scholars interested in similar socialist and post-socialist topics, whether they work in Croatia, neighbour states, or further abroad, and whether they are originally from the South-Slavic area or just scholars following their academic interests. This approach is especially important considering the complexity of recent common history and events that are still awaiting their academic interpretation.
Strengthening the communication between scholars and the general public through relevant academic events stands as another aim of this conference. Linking an academic conference with the notable national and international an innovative frame for the presentation of academic production.
There is no conference fee, and if our budget allows, part of travel and accommodation expenses will be refunded to participants. For every participant affordable accommodation will be reserved. During the next couple of months the applicants will be notified about these issues. After the conference, the conference proceedings will be published.

Conference languages will be Croatian (and cognate languages) and English. Presentation time is 15 minutes.
Deadline for 200 word abstracts is 1 April 2015. Please include a short CV

Proposals can be submitted via e mail to
Boris Koroman,
Lada Duraković,

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