COMINTERN ArchivesThe complete inventory of the COMINTERN Archives is available after registration. The database is based on the 22,000 pages with the inventory of the archive. As part of the conversion to a database containing 230,000 records, the description has been checked and improved, the 200,000 personal names have been transliterated from Cyrillic into Latin. An important part of the descriptors were translated into English.

After subscription it is possible to access about 1,200,000 pages online. These pages cover 59 sub-series that were selected by the INCOMKA, which drew upon the expertise of leading COMINTERN historians. The sub-series concentrate on the commissions, the secretariats and departments that operated under the Executive Committee of the Communist International (ECCI), the Lдndersekretariats and regional bureaus, the party delegations with the COMINTERN and other units of special interest such as the Lenin schools, International Workers Relief and the International Federations of Writers and Theatres.

The scanned pages are part of the “general sections” of the COMINTERN Archives. The total number of pages of these general sections is estimated at 3,000,000. So, at the launch of COMINTERN-online, about 30% of this most relevant part of the COMINTERN Archives will be available online. There is a clear intention to double the available number of pages within a period of two years after launch.

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