Political Symbols in Russian History

 Political Symbols in Russian HistoryLee Trepanier

Political Symbols in Russian History. Church, State, and the Quest for Order and Justice

Political Symbols in Russian History is one of the few works that presents an analytical and comprehensive account of Russian history and politics between the years of 988 to 2005. From Kievan Rus to Putin’s Russia, this book traces the development, evolution, and impact that political symbols have had on Russian society. By using Eric Vogelin’s “new science of politics” as the human search for order and justice, Dr. Lee Trepanier provides a fresh and unique approach to the studies of political culture and civil society. For those interested in Russian politics and intellectual history, Political Symbols offers the most up-to-date scholarship on such political symbols and social institutions like the Russian Orthodox Church and State. This book presents an innovative approach to understanding symbols in the search for order and justice in Russian history.
Lee Trepanier is assistant professor of political science at Saginaw Valley State University.

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