19th-Century Hungarian Political Thought and Culture

Kálmán Tóth, Ferenc Hörcher

Towards Settlement with Austria, 1790-1867

This volume presents the ideas of the main actors of the political scene in the Hungarian Kingdom during the long 19th century (1790-1920). Organised around key political thinkers, the book considers the most significant paradigms of thought associated with these figures and the critical political events of the day.

Beginning with an introductory overview of 19th-century Hungary in a European context, which includes the main features of Hungarian political thought, 19th-Century Hungarian Political Thought and Culture explores the fundamental characteristics of the country’s political system and the geopolitical background to political discourse in the region at the time. The contributors reflect on the stories of some of the most influential voices, as well as their networks, impacts and legacies. Through this, the book is able to offer novel insights into how Western political culture was perceived and adapted in a country long considered by many to belong to the European periphery.


Author: Aisseco

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