Central and Eastern Europe After Transition

Alberto Febbrajo, Wojciech Sadurski (eds)

Central and Eastern Europe After Transition
Towards a New Socio-legal Semantics

How have national identities changed, developed and reacted in the wake of transition from communism to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe? Central and Eastern Europe After Transition defines and examines new autonomous differences adopted at the state and the supranational level in the post-transitional phase of the post-Communist area, and considers their impact on constitutions, democracy and legal culture. With representative contributions from older and newer EU members, the book provides a broad set of cultural points for reference. Its comparative and interdisciplinary approach includes a useful selection of bibliographical resources specifically devoted to the Central Eastern European countries’ transitions.

Contents: Introduction; Part 1 The Constitutional Framework: Constituting the heterarchy of European constitutionalism in the EU’s new member states, Jirí Pribán; Legal cultures in transition: a system-theory approach, Alberto Febbrajo; Democratic ethics, constitutional dimensions and ‘constitutionalisms’, Paul Blokker; Constitutional courts and constitutional culture in Central and East European countries, Wojciech Sadurski; Constititional culture and the theory of adjudication: Ulysses as a constitutional justice, Daniel Smilov; Settling accounts with the past, the conceptualization of difference, and the dilemmas of the law-governed state, Grazyna Skapska. Part 2 The Legal Professions: The democratization and modernization of post-Communist judiciaries, Zdenek Kühn; Bureaucratic and managerial cultures in Central Eastern European courts, Daniela Piana; Polish prosecutors, political corruption, and legal culture, Paulina Polak and David Nelken; Notaries in Central Europe: from state employment to professional independence – a rocky path, Gisela Shaw; Multiple transitions to the EU constitutional project: the case of Eastern European legal professions, Vittorio Olgiati; Selected international bibliography, 1989–2009, Stefania Porfiri; Index.

About the Editor: Alberto Febbrajo is Professor of Law at the University of Macerata, Italy, and a former Rector of the university. Wojciech Sadurski is Professor of Law at the University of Sydney, and former Dean of the Law dept, European University Institute, Florence, Italy


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