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New Perspectives, Interdisciplinary Journal of Central & East European Politics and International Relations

New Perspectives provides a new forum for interdisciplinary insight into Central and East European (CEE) politics & international relations (broadly understood). We seek to publish original, interpretive research that is methodologically systematic and reflexive, theoretically innovative and empirically groundbreaking.

New Perspectives is looking for submissions which address political aspects of regional affairs and their connections to the wider world, from the fields of: International Relations, Security Studies and International Political Sociology; International Political Economy; Geography ; Sociology; Anthropology; History; Cultural Studies and Legal Studies.

If you have a good interpretive empirical or theoretical paper on CEE, we want to see it.

We interpret the borders of ‘Central and Eastern Europe’ broadly and therefore also welcome submissions on issues relating to e.g. Russia, Germany and the Balkans as well as the areas more commonly described as CEE. New Perspectives operates a rigorous peer review process, is listed in both SCOPUS and JSTOR and is published by the Institute of International Relations in Prague. We offer authors a professional service, editorial support and fast, 3 Month turnaround time.
Types of Articles
New Perspectives publishes three types of articles:
Research Articles are full-length papers that make an original contribution to research and are the main type of article that we seek. New Perspectives particularly seeks research articles that are methodologically systematic and reflexive; theoretically innovative and compelling; or empirically ground-breaking. Research Articles are normally between 8,000 and 10,000 words, including footnotes and references, although the maximum length including all notes and references is 12,000 words.
Discussions/ Analytical Essays integrate, synthesise or juxtapose scholarship, delineate or develop scholarly debates, or identify new directions in interdisciplinary research on the politics and international relations of Central and Eastern Europe. We encourage discussion papers that are between 10,000 and 12,000 words, although the maximum length including all notes and references is 15,000 words.
Review Essays, which New Perspectives publishes fewer of, contextualise several recently published or re-published volumes (3-5 titles per Review Essay) in relation to each other as well as in relation to wider academic scholarship and public political debate and discussion by identifying and critically engaging key themes and strands of thought. Review essays should be between 3,500 and 4,500 words, with a maximum length of 5,000 words including all notes and references.
Further Submission Guidelines and Formatting Requirements are available here.
Guidelines for submission
Send all submissions to Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Tallis at .
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