Economic Knowledge in Socialism, 1945-89

Till Düppe, Ivan Boldyrev

Annual supplement to History of Political Economy (Vol 51) edited by Till Düppe, Ivan Boldyrev

This cross-disciplinary special issue focuses on economic knowledge in socialist countries during the second half of the twentieth century. Through a series of historical case studies, the issue embraces a wide variety of perspectives on the ways economy and society were conceptualized behind the Iron Curtain. Contributors explore the entanglement of ideology and economic discourse, the political dimensions of cybernetic technocracy, and the various faces of Cold War rationality of socialism.

Contributors: Oleg Ananyin, Johanna Bockman, Ivan Boldyrev, Till Düppe, Richard Ericson, Yakov Feygin, Olessia Kirtchik, Martha Lampland, Adam Leeds, Denis Melnik, Chris Miller, György Peteri, Egle Rindzeviciute, Vítezslav Sommer, Joachim Zweynert

Author: Aisseco

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