Everyday Life in Stalinist Estonia

Everyday Life in Stalinist EstoniaMertelsmann, Olaf

Everyday Life in Stalinist Estonia

In Estonia, as in other Eastern European countries, the Stalinist era remains in the center of attention of historians. Politics, repression and resistance dominate the historiography, while everyday life is definitely under-represented. This book attempts to close the gap and focuses on different aspects of everyday life in Stalinist Estonia.

Contents: History of everyday life during Stalinism – Sovietization of Estonia – Resistance and accommodation – Leisure in Stalin’s Estonia – Standard of living – Life on a Stalinist kolkhoz – The private sphere under Stalinism – Moonshining.

Olaf Mertelsmann is Associate Professor in Contemporary History at the University of Tartu (Estonia). He holds a doctorate from the University of Hamburg and has taught in Hamburg, Novosibirsk and Tartu.

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