Far Right Memory Politics in the Internet Era

2 Days International Workshop

15-16 January 2020

Centre for Baltic and East European Studies

Södertörn University



Day 1 – 15 January 2020. CBEES, room MA796


13:30-14:00 Presentation round


14:00-14:25 Presentation of the project “Memory Politics in Far Right Europe”


Panel 1: Grievable Bodies: Commemorating Yesterday’s and Today’s Martyrs


Chair: Andrej Kotljarchuk, Södertörn University

Discussants: Steffen Werther, Södertörn University & Justine Smalkyté, Sciences Po


14:25-15:10 Sophie Schmalenberger, Arhus University: The AfD as Memory Alternative for Germany: The Chemnitz Case


Panel 2: Constructing Victimhood: Decontextualizing and Faking History


Chair: Madeleine Hurd, Södertörn University

Discussant: Francesco Zavatti, Södertörn University & Ilana Hartikainen, University of Helsinki


15:10-15:55 Vanessa Tautter; University of Brighton: Dis-|Composure: Far-Right Claims to Historical Victimhood


15:55-16:15 Pause (Coffee & Cakes)


16:15-17:00 Marta Simó, Autonomous University of Barcelona: The Blue Division still present in Today’s Far Right Memory in Spain


17:00-17:45 Round-up Discussion


Day 2 – 16 January 2020. CBEES, room MA796


Panel 3: Mainstream Revisionism and the Online Far Right


Chair: Francesco Zavatti, Södertörn University

Discussant: Andrej Kotljarchuk, Södertörn University & Vanessa Tautter; University of Brighton


09:30-10:15 Michael Cole, University of Tartu: Far-Right Influence on Ukrainian World War Two Narratives


10:15-11:00 Justine Smalkyté, Sciences Po: Politics of Selective Remembering in Post-1990 Lithuania: a Case Study of Postfascist “Pro Patria” Mnemonic Discourse


11:00-11:10 Coffee & Cakes


Panel 4: Far Right Identities: from Analogical to Digital


Chair: Steffen Werther, Södertörn University

Discussant: Madeleine Hurd, Södertörn University & Steffen Werther, Södertörn University


11:10-11:55 Ilana Hartikainen, University of Helsinki: Wait, who were the collaborators? Analyzing the discourse of the Czech far-right


11:55-12:40 Final Discussion (Closed session – only for presenters)


Working language: English.

Participation: Limited seats available, registration is mandatory.

Please register on the forms available in the Calendar section on www.sh.se


Workshop financed and supported by the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies at Södertörn University, and organized within the activities of project Memory Politics in Far-Right Europe: Celebrating Nazi Collaborationists in Post-1989 Belarus, Romania, Flanders and Denmark (Department of Historical Studies, Södertörn University, financed by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies).


Organizer: Francesco Zavatti (contact: francesco.zavatti@sh.se).

Author: Aisseco

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