Gulag Memories

Zuzanna Bogumil

Gulag Memories. The Rediscovery and Commemoration of Russia’s Repressive Past. Tradotto dal polacco in inglese da Philip Palmer (Bergham Books, 2018).
Though the institution of the Gulag was nominally closed over half a decade ago, it lives on as an often hotly contested site of memory in the post-socialist era. This ethnographic study takes a holistic, comprehensive approach to understanding memories of the Gulag, and particularly the language of commemoration that surrounds it in present-day Russian society. It focuses on four regions of particular historical significance—the Solovetsky Islands, the Komi Republic, the Perm region, and Kolyma—to carefully explore how memories become a social phenomenon, how objects become heritage, and how the human need to create sites of memory has preserved the Gulag in specific ways today.

Author: Aisseco

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