Vojislav G. Pavlović (a cura di), SERBIA AND ITALY
IN THE GREAT WAR (Institut des Etudes Balkaniques, Belgrado 2019)
The Great War profoundly changed the political structures and
territories of the countries on both sides of the Adriatic Sea. The
war ended with the dissolution of Austria-Hungary, and the task
to reorganize the resultant territorial void on the eastern side of
the Adriatic fell to the Italian government and the government of
the newly-created Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Such
an issue of the Great War went well beyond the most optimistic
and most hazardous strategies conceived in the chancelleries and
intellectual circles of Rome and Belgrade in the early summer
of 1914. What sorts of strategies were devised and how and by
whom they were employed during the war are the questions the
contributions in this volume are focused on.

Author: Aisseco

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