Media Ownership in an Era of Distrust: A Conversation with the Director of Voice of America

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
2:30-3:30 pm

Wilson Center
Flom Auditorium, 6th floor

Publics around the world overwhelmingly agree that the news media should be unbiased in its coverage of political issues – but many also say that their country’s media outlets fall far short of that standard. Concerted disinformation campaigns and claims of “fake news” have also come to the fore, eroding the public’s trust.

At the same time, in many countries around the world, the primary source of news comes from state-owned outlets, leading many to question whether it is actually possible to find news that is not in service of a governmental agenda.

In the context of today’s complex global media environment, how to do government-funded media outlets differ from government-owned outlets? As larger corporations buy up local media outlets in the United States, are political and economic pressures leading to increased self-censorship? What are the best strategies for combatting disinformation at home and abroad, and what role does U.S. government-funded media play in the fight?

Please join us for a discussion with Amanda Bennett, the director of Voice of America, as she addresses these and related issues alongside Wilson Center President Jane Harman.


Amanda Bennett
Director, Voice of America

In Conversation with:

The Honorable Jane Harman
Director, President, and CEO, Wilson Center

Author: Aisseco

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