Moldova’s road to Europe – What’s next ?

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Moldova’s road to Europe – What’s next ?

26 juin 2014
The European Policy Centre, in cooperation with the Mission of the Republic of Moldova to the EU, is pleased to invite you to a Policy Briefing, on 26 June, with the Prime Minister of Moldova, Iurie Leancă, 15.00-16.30 (registration from 14.40) Silken Berlaymont Hotel, Boulevard Charlemagne 11, 1040 Brussels

Moldova is scheduled to sign its Association Agreement with the EU on 27 June. The agreement will not only strengthen political and economic ties between Chisinau and Brussels, but also provide a roadmap for the further modernization and democratization of the country. It will give Moldova direct access to the largest single market in the world, while also bringing it a step closer to its goal of eventually becoming a full member of the EU. Unfortunately, the run-up to its signature has been accompanied by increasing external pressure about the negative consequences the country will face for taking this step. Recent events in Ukraine have exacerbated the situation. Although working hard to cultivate its success story, Moldova continues to face internal and external challenges related to energy, trade, migrants and a separatist enclave of Transnistria. With a galvanised political scene and a population that is faced with a choice of its future direction and model, the road ahead will not be easy with Moldova facing key parliamentary elections in November.

Prime Minister Leancă will give an overview of the developments in the country, including challenges for the future and what Moldova expects from the EU. The briefing will be chaired by Amanda Paul, EPC Policy Analyst.

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