Regards croisés sur les avant-gardes artistiques soviétiques et contemporaines

séminaire « Regards croisés sur les avant-gardes artistiques soviétiques et contemporaines »
lundi 23 avril 2018​, ​
de 17h à 19h.  ​

​a ​l’Inalco (2 rue de Lille)

Nous aurons le grand plaisir de recevoir Christina Kiaer (Northwestern University) & Robert Bird (University of Chicago).

Ils présenteront l’exposition dont ils sont commissaires Revolution Every Day (Smart Museum of Art, The University of Chicago).

Among its other effects the Russian revolution of 1917 led to a radical restructuring of everyday life and even of time itself. This restructuring is frequently associated primarily with the radical avant-garde of the 1920s, but in fact it was at issue across the Soviet media system; one might say that it became the primary basis and purpose of this innovative media system. We will present select images and ideas from the exhibition Revolution Every Day, which recently closed at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago, and which continues to live in its catalogue, which takes the form of a day-to-day calendar of revolution. By interspersing time-based media with graphic art, and by mixing photomontage posters with hand-drawn ones, Revolution Every Day challenges the familiar oppositions between avant-garde and Socialist Realism, art and propaganda. We emphasize what is most aspirational about revolutionary art, and affirm the agency of the actors within it, as they mobilize a ubiquitous, mass-produced art form to conjure a bit of revolution every day.

La séance se tiendra en anglais.

N’hésitez pas à diffuser l’information à vos collègues et étudiants,

Vous trouverez en pièce-jointe le programme du séminaire et l’affiche de la séance.

Au plaisir de vous y voir,

Bien cordialement,

Julie Deschepper, Louisa Martin-Chevalier, Claire Thouvenot

Author: Aisseco

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