Romanian and European Diplomacy

Romanian and Europeanedited by
Gh. Cliveti, Adrian-Bogdan Ceobanu, Adrian Viţalaru, Ionuţ Nistor

Romanian and European Diplomacy
From Cabinet Diplomacy to the 21st Century Challenges

Studies and making of diplomacy. A Methodological and Historiographical Approach GHEORGHE CLIVETI Historical Study of International Relations: Concepts, Methodologies SILVIU MILOIU Diplomatic History/History of Diplomacy versus History of International Relations? A Comparative Analysis of the Romanian and Finnish Histo¬rio¬graphical Traditions GHEORGHE IACOB From “Old Diplomacy” to New Diplomacy LAURENŢIU CONSTANTINIU The Russian Historiography Regarding the Romanian-Soviet Relations during 1939-1948 GÁBOR BÚR Splendid Isolation – Never Existed? The British Diplomacy on the Horns of a Dilemma Cultural and Social Perspectives CRISTIAN PLOSCARU France, Russia and the Romanian Principalities in Early 19th Century. Political Vocabulary and Imagological Representations TUDOR DAN DUZINSCHI An Interaction of Diplomacy and Public Opinion: Great Britain’s position towards the Romanian Principalities during the Year of Revolutions ALEXANDRU ISTRATE Romanian Diplomats: an Intellectual Profile. A Portrait from Memoirs SILVANA RACHIERU A Social Perspective on the History of Modern Romanian Diplomacy: the Case of the Royal Legation of Romania to Istanbul IONUŢ NISTOR History, Propaganda and Cultural Diplomacy in the Programs of “Radio Romania” (1940-1944) JOES SEGAL Cultural Propaganda and the Use of Art in East and West Diplomacy prior to the First World War ION VARTA Russian Diplomacy in the Service of the Russian Geopolitical Interests at the Lower Danube DANIEL CAIN Diplomacy and Diplomats in South-Eastern Europe before First World War SORIN LIVIU DAMEAN The Romanian Diplomacy during the Reign of Carol I – a Cabinet Diplomacy? TATIANA VARTA The Russian Diplomacy and the Lands of the Dedicated Abbeys of the Romanian Principalities (1856-1858) RUDOLF DINU Romanian Foreign Policy from Berlin to Sarajevo, 1878-1914. Some Characteristics ADRIAN-BOGDAN CEOBANU Reflections on Romanian Old Diplomacy: Romanian Diplomats in Sankt Petersburg (1878-1918) BARANYI TAMÁS Possibility of a Hungarian Way: Count Tisza and His Foreign Policy Concept (1903-1914) GREGORY SHKUNDIN The Foreign Policy of Ionel Ion C. Brătianu in the Vision of the Foreign Diplomats (January – February 1914) Wartime Diplomacy VASILY KASHIRIN The Objectives and Methods of Romanian Diplomacy at the Start of the First World War in the Assessments of the Russian Civil and Military Experts CLAUDIU-LUCIAN TOPOR The Last Days of Peace, the First Night of War – on the Interruption of Diplomatic Relations Between Romania and Germany (1916) DORIN-DEMOSTENE IANCU The German Occupation of Romania 1916-1918: the Impact in the Collective Mentality of the Defeated EMANUEL PLOPEANU Balkans Entangled. Allied Perception Concerning Romania and Bulgaria and the Turkish Connection (1941-1943) Contemporary Challenges ADRIAN VIŢALARU Old Bounds in the “New Europe”: Aspects Concerning Romanian-Swiss Relations in the First Interwar Decade PAUL NISTOR The Relations Between Communist Romania and United Nations in the Early Cold War (1945-1955) ALEXANDR STYKALIN Iurii Andropov – the Ambassador in Hungary in 1950es. The Beginning of the Career of the Future Party Leader LAURIEN CRUMP The Warsaw Pact under Pressure. An Analysis of the Dynamics of Power in an Alliance in Crisis (1961-1964) OCTAVIAN ŢÎCU Territorial Integrity in the Republic of Moldova: A Perspective on the Implication of the Russian Federation

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