The Jewish Question

Giovanni Orsina and Andrea Ungari

The “Jewish Question” in the Territories Occupied by Italians


edited by Giovanni Orsina and Andrea Ungari
Collana: Viella Historical Research, 16
Pubblicazione: Dicembre 2019
This volume deals with a topic at central to the Italian historiographical debate, namely the Italian authorities’ attitude in the occupied territories during the Second World War and, in particular, towards the local Jewish communities. Through a reconstruction that is the result of authors with different sensitivities and historiographic approaches, the contradictory nature of the application of anti-Jewish legislation by Italian authorities emerges; an application that went from protection to more or less rigid internment up to handing them over to German authorities. A historiographically innovative book, therefore, that aims to shed light on one of the most dramatic events of the Second World War: the persecution of the Jewish population.
    • Preface
    • Giovanni Orsina, Andrea Ungari, Introduction
    • I. The Italian Approach to the “Jewish Problem”
      • Ester Capuzzo, Italian Jews from Unity to Fascism
      • Giuseppe Parlato Renzo De Felice and the “Jewish Question” in Fascism
      • Roberto D’Angeli, The Italian Social Republic and the Declaration of War on the “Jewish Race”
      • Gianni Scipione Rossi, Italian Intellectuals, Anti-Semitism and the Case of Attilio Tamaro
      • Filippo Vignato, Italian Military Occupations and Jews in the Military Documents of the Archives of the AUSSME: A Guide to the Sources
  • II. European Occupations
      • Daniele Caviglia, Latin Sisters at War: France in Mussolini’s Diplomatic Strategy
      • Emanuele Sica, The Italian Invasion of France in November 1942
      • Luca Fenoglio, Fascist Policy towards Jews in South-Eastern France, 1942-1943: Some Remarks on the Events and Methodology
      • Maria Teresa Giusti, The Behaviour of Italian Troops in the USSR: Guerrilla Warfare and Counterinsurgency, 1941-1943
      • Natalia Terekhova, Italian Policies Regarding the Jewish Population during the Military Occupation of Soviet Territories
  • III. Mediterranean Occupations
    • Luca Micheletta, The Mediterranean in Fascist Foreign Policy (1936-1940)
    • Luisa Natale The Jews in Libya: A Quantitative Picture
    • Anna Pizzuti, Giulia Cohen Tells Her History. From Benghazi to Bergen Belsen, Passing through Italy (1942-1944): Testimony, History
    • Marco Clementi, The End of the Rhodes Jewish Community
  • IV. Balkan Occupations
    • Massimo Bucarelli, An Unavoidable Conflict? The Italian-Yugoslav Confrontation in the Adriatic Sea and the Balkans
    • Sanja Petrović Todosijević, The Escape of Jewish People from the Territory of the German Occupation Zone in Serbia, 1941-1944
    • Olga Manojlović Pintar, Escaping, Surviving and Telling the Truth about the Holocaust
    • Shaban Sinani, The Italian Policy Regarding the Admission of Jews into Albania
    • Valentina Duka, Albanian Historiography and the Holocaust
    • Tommaso Dell’Era, The Italian Occupation of Albania: Fascist Albania and the Persecution of the Jews (1939-1943)
  • Index of Names

Author: Aisseco

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