The memory of Communism: actors, norms, institutions

Segnaliamo l’uscita del numero 6 della rivista Nationalities Papers
The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity dedicata alla memoria del comunismo

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Nationality Papers: vol. 45/6. Special Section: The memory of Communism: actors, norms, institutions (edited by Georges Mink)
Georges Mink, “Introduction”, p. 989-991

Laure Neumayer, “Advocating for the cause of the “victims of Communism” in the European political space: memory entrepreneurs in interstitial fields”, p. 992-1012

Georges Mink, “Is there a new institutional response to the crimes of Communism? National memory agencies in post-Communist countries: the Polish case (1998–2014), with references to East Germany”, p. 1013-1027

Máté Zombory, « The birth of the memory of Communism: memorial museums in Europe”, p. 1028-1046

Author: Aisseco

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