The second world war in historiography and public debate

Sabine Rutar: The Second World War in Southeastern Europe. Historiogra-phies and Debates 195-220
Milan Ristović: The German Occupation Regimes in Southeastern Europe as a Research Problem in Yugoslav and Serbian Historiography 221-238
Paolo Fonzi: Beyond the Myth of the ‘Good Italian’. Recent Trends in the Study of the Italian Occupation of Southeastern Europe during the Second World War 239-259
Marija Vulesica: Holocaust Research in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. An Inventory 260-283
Nadège Ragaru: Nationalization through Internationalization. Writing, Remembering, and Commemorating the Holocaust in Macedonia and Bulgaria after 1989 284-315
Polymeris Voglis and Ioannis Nioutsikos: The Greek Historiography of the 1940s. A Reassessment 316-333
Nevenka Troha: Slovenia. Occupation, Repression, Partisan Movement, Collaboration, and Civil War in Historical Research 334-363
Gentiana Kera: Rethinking the Place of the Second World War in the Con-temporary History of Albania 364-387
Svetlana Suveica: From Heroisation to Competing Victimhoods. History Writing on the Second World War in Moldova 388-411

SPOTLIGHTBalázs Trencsényi, Alfred J. Rieber, Constantin Iordachi, Adela Hîncu: Academic Freedom in Danger. Fact Files on the ‘CEU Affair’ ………. 412-436BOOK REVIEWS Cathie Carmichael, A Concise History of Bosnia (Oskar Roginer) …….. 437-439Stef Jansen / Čarna Brković / Vanja Če leb čić, eds, Negotiating Social Rela-tions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Semiperi pheral Entanglements (Reana Senjković) ………………………………………… 439-441

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