Ukraine and Its Neighbors: Cross-Cultural and Transnational Interactions

14 – 16 January 2019
Sala del Refettorio
Biblioteca di Area Umanistica
Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II
Piazza V. Bellini 56, Napoli

Scientific and Organizing Committee: Alessandro
Achilli (Monash University), Maria Grazia
Bartolini (University of Milan), Simone A.
Bellezza (University of Naples Federico II),
Giovanna Brogi Bercoff (University of Milan),
Andrea Graziosi (University of Naples Federico
II), Marco Puleri (University of Bologna).
simoneattilio.bellezza@unina. it
16 January 2019
09:00 Panel 7: National Canons in Global
Chair: Giovanna Brogi Bercoff
(University of Milan).
• Alessandro Achilli (Monash
University), “Late Soviet Ukrainian
Underground Poetry in the Global
• Iryna Borysiuk (National University
of “Kyiv-Mohyla” Academy), “Islamic
Motifs in the Ukrainian Landscape: the
Metamorphoses of Displaced Memories in
Kateryna Kalytko’s Poetry.”
• Marco Puleri (University of Bologna),
“Writing from/to Ukraine: Pluricentric
and Transcultural Narratives of Ukraine
in the European Literary Context.”,
Discussant: Marko Pavlyshyn (Monash
10:30 Final remarks: Giovanna Brogi Bercoff.
14 January 2019
15:00 Welcoming remarks by the Rector of the
University of Naples Federico II prof.
Gaetano Manfredi, the Director of the
Department of Social Sciences prof.
Stefano Consiglio, and the President
of the Italian Association of Ukrainian
Studies prof. Giovanna Brogi Bercoff.
15:30 Panel 1: Early Modern Cross-Cultural
Chair: Marcello Garzaniti (University of
• Maria Ivanova (McGill University),
“From Constantine the Great to Saint
Alexius: Literary Masks of the Ruthenian
• Maria Grazia Bartolini (University of
Milan), “Travelling Images between East
and West: Vision, Devotion and Clerical
Instruction in Peter Mohyla’s Trebnyk.”
• Dieter Stern (Ghent University),
“Syllabic Religious Songs Collectors’ Items
throughout the Eastern Slavic Lands.”
Discussant: Giovanna Brogi Bercoff
(University of Milan).
17:00 Panel 2: Cossacks between Poland and
Chair: Marco Puleri (University of
• Alois Woldan (University of Vienna),
“Cossacks and Haidamaks – Figures of
Transition between Ukrainian and Polish
• Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva (St.
Petersburg State University), “Russian
Empire and Ukrainian Cossack’s Elite:
Temptations and Challenges.”
Discussant: Grzegorz Franczak
(University of Milan).
15 January 2019
09:30 Panel 3: Transnational Roots of
Chair: Maria Grazia Bartolini (University
of Milan).
• Svitlana Krys (MacEwan University),
“Oleksa Storozhenko’s Subversive Gothic
in Conversation with East and West.”
• Marko Pavlyshyn (Monash University),
“Kostomarov’s Tales of Two Nationalities:
Inseparable, yet Immiscible.”
Discussant: George G. Grabowicz
(Harvard University).
10:30 Coffee break.
10:50 Panel 4: What Is Soviet Ukrainian?
Chair: Simone A. Bellezza (University of
Naples Federico II).
• George G. Grabowicz (Harvard
University), “Druzhboiu my zdruzheni:
Ukraine and Russia in the Socialist Realist
• Olga Gnydiuk (European University
Institute), “Who is a Ukrainian Child?
The International Welfare Workers and
the Problem of Determining Nationality
of Displaced Children Coming from the
Soviet Ukraine after WWII.”
• Mayhill C. Fowler (Stetson University),
“Theatre on the Frontlines of Socialism:
The Red Army Theatre in Lviv Fighting
the Cold War at Home and Abroad.”
Discussant: Georgiy Kasianov (Institute
of History of Ukraine, National Academy
of Sciences of Ukraine).
13:00 Lunch break.
14:30 Panel 5: Ukrainian Intermestic
Chair: Giovanna Cigliano (University of
Naples Federico II).
• Natalia Borys (University of Geneva),
“Intellectual Links and Academic
Exchanges between Ukrainian Soviet
Historians and Their Colleagues from the
Socialist Bloc (Hungary and Poland) in
the Period of Stagnation: 1960-1985s.”
• Olga Bertelsen (European University
Institute), “The Anti-Soviet Human Rights
Movement and Cooperation between the
Ukrainian and Jewish Diasporas.”
• Sergei I. Zhuk (Ball State University),
“‘Russian Academic Imperialism’ and
Ukraine: A Case of Ukrainian Americanist.”
Discussant: Simone A. Bellezza
(University of Naples Federico II).
15:50 Coffee break.
16:10 Panel 6: Post-Soviet Uses of the Past.
Chair: Fabio Bettanin (“Orientale
University” of Naples).
• Stanislav Kulchytsky (Institute of
History of Ukraine, National Academy of
Sciences of Ukraine), “Decommunization
of Post-Soviet Republics and Countries
of Yalta Europe. A Comparative Analysis
on the example of Ukraine, Russia, and
• Georgiy Kasianov (Institute of History
of Ukraine, National Academy of
Sciences of Ukraine), “The Hard Talk.
The Ukrainian – Polish Controversy Over
the Past, 1990s – 2000s.”
• Eleonora Narvselius (Lund University),
“Polish Professors Executed in Lviv in
1941: From a Local Wartime Crime to a
Translocal Memory Event.”
Discussant: Olga Bertelsen (European
University Institute).

Author: Aisseco

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