Voices and profiles of Romanian Diplomacy in Italy

Emanuele Costantini, Rudolf Mihai Dinu, Adrian Vițalaru

The volume is a collection of studies in which the authors follow a unified line, thus making it possible, on the one hand, to place historical figures that have already been sufficiently researched and, on the other hand, to fill research gaps on other, lesser-known people. Most importantly, it allows us to look at the relations between Romania and Italy from the perspective of diplomatic history by examining a crucial historical period for both countries. The period of study extends from 1909 to 1947 and thus covers the following historical events: the aftermath of the 1908 crisis, the two Balkan wars, the First World War, the rise and consolidation of fascism and the crisis of the Romanian parliamentary regime, and the Second World War.



Author: Aisseco

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