Workshop Women and Post-War Transitions: Politics

Workshop “Women and Post-War Transitions: Politics”

9 e 10 Novembre.
9 Novembre
Welcome reception
Roman Kuhar | Dean’s speech
Marta Verginella | Welcome speech and introduction
Glenda Sluga | “Humanitarianism and Human Rights
in the Shaping of International Orders, 1814—1974”
Elda Guerra | “The Redefinition of Gender Relationships in Italian Post-War Period (1945—1948)”
Andrea Feldman | “New Women in a New State: Women and Political Representation in Transition”
Matthew Stibbe | “Protest, Revolution and Commemoration: Socialist Women and the Great War, 1914—1921”
Birgitta Bader-Zaar | “Agents of Emancipation and the ‘Moral Uplift’ of Austria? Democratization and Women’s Political Participation, 1918/19—1933”
Julie V. Gottlieb | “Suffrage Afterlives (and Deaths) in Britain after the Vote Was Won”
10 Novembre
Ivan Kosnica | “Women’s Citizenship Status in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes/Yugoslavia (1918—1941)”
Chiara Bonfiglioli | “The Antifascist Women’s Front (AFŽ) and the Reconfiguration of Women’s Citizenship Rights in Early Socialist Yugoslavia (1945—1953)”
Mateja Jeraj | “Between Feminism and Communism – Women’s Movement in Slovenia after World War II (Particularly in the Period 1945—1953)”
Dagmar Wernitznig | “In the Antechambers of Power: Gender and Post-War Politics — a Synopsis”

Author: Aisseco

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