Beyond the Revolution in Russia Narratives

Beyond the Revolution in Russia Narratives
Concepts A 100 Years since the
7 – 9/11/2017 Prague

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The outbreak of a socialist revolution in one of the least industrially developed European regions might be found by the contemporaries as surprising as the destabilizing potential of new revolutionary thoughts in the following period of the civil war. Its consequences were fully manifested, for instance, in young successor states of the Austrian Empire: Poland, Czechoslovakia, or Hungary. Apart from the immediate influence of revolutionary events, we would like to focus on transferring and transforming functions of ideas, concepts, and practices of the revolution both within Russian, or rather Soviet Empire, and in the Central-Eastern European region.

During the conference, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the events in Russia, we would like to consider individual layers of reception, commemoration, and performance of revolutionary thoughts, images, and practices in the area of the Central and Eastern Europe.

Author: Aisseco

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