CfP: 1918 and the Remaking of Central-Eastern Europe

Deadline: 15 luglio 2018

International Conference
Faculty of History – University of Bucharest
22-24 November 2018

Continuing its series of events dedicated to the Centenary of the World I, the Faculty of History from the University of Bucharest in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their network of partners are pleased to announce the international multidisciplinary conference 1918 and the Remaking of Central-Eastern Europe.

Conference rationale:
While the guns were finally being silenced in the West by the armistices inked in autumn 1918, the fight for influence and upper-hand during negotiations stirred further the allies and enemies alike. Moving from the field trenches to the glamorous French buildings, the duel between diplomats seemed as fierce as the one between soldiers. As the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires crumbled, alongside the German, the nations of Central and Eastern Europe stood at the crossroads. 1918 was a watershed and the forces unleashed or merely stimulated by the war dramatically reshaped the region. The magnitude of the changes  meant among other things that the guns did not go silent on November 11.


The task of peace-making proved to be far more difficult than initially anticipated. If the principles were clear and embraced by many regional leaders, shaping them into reality of the area triggered an alarming amount of dilemmas. Imperial collapse, conflicting national agendas, the spectre of renewed warfare, revolutionary upheaval ensured that the map and the peoples would be dramatically changed after enduring a long and painful conflict.


The International Conference 1918 and the Remaking of Central-Eastern Europe aims to underline the fundamental changes that the end of war brought into the lives of the nations in the area. By bringing together the latest research on the impact triggered by the war, we are well placed 100 years later to bring under renewed scrutiny its regional and global consequence and to do so from a multidisciplinary perspective. Therefore, the organizers welcome contributions from researchers relating theoretical questions with empirical investigation from cultural, social, military and other historical adjacent disciplines (international relations, war studies, historical sociology, political science and philosophy). The conference has been developed in order to facilitate the debate and exchange of knowledge from a comparative perspective between latest researches.

The Conference will include several major themes but are not limited to:

–        Self-determination in Central and Eastern Europe

–        The War in Eastern Europe in 1918

–        The Continuing War. Revolution, Dissolution and Civil Wars

–        The Great Powers and Central-Eastern Europe: War Aims/ Post-war Visions

–        Political, Economic, and Social Crisis in Central-Eastern Europe in 1918

–        Memory, Celebration/Commemoration in Central-Eastern Europe


Papers submission
We welcome abstracts of no more than 250 words, accompanied by the name of the author, affiliation and a CV. The complete form used for submitting papers can be found at the end of the attached document and should be sent to Dr. Alin-Victor Matei at conference.history.  by July 15th, 2018. Further organizational details will be available at centenar/international- conference-1918-and-remaking- central-eastern-europe

Given the aim to provide the framework for debate, the organizers kindly ask the participants to resume their presentation within 15 minutes. By bringing together international scholars able to approach the developments at the end of the Great War both from a national and a transnational/international dimension, all the papers submitted should be the result of a current, original and unpublished research.

The language of the event will be English.

Costs for the accommodation and meals for the duration of the conference will be covered by the organizers.


Cf paper e moduli a questo indirizzo: Call for papers & form

Author: Aisseco

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