CfP: Aspects of Soviet presence in East-Central Europe in the year 1945

Aspects of Soviet presence in East-Central Europe in the year 1945

Katowice, Poland
Period: June 8-9, 2015
Deadline for submitting abstracts: March 15, 2015
The conference focuses on selected aspects of the Soviet invasion on East-Central Europe while fighting against Germany in the final period of the World War II (1944-1945). In particular the following problems, considered from different perspectives, are intended to be discussed:
Red Army’s attitude to the nations in the invaded and subsequently occupied territories, especially crimes committed by the Soviets against the civilian population;
Deportations of civilians to the forced labor in the Soviet Union;
Economic consequences resulting from the Soviet military presence, such as: dismantling of the industrial infrastructure (plants equipment etc.), confiscation of property, damage of the architectural substance in the captured towns and cities, and in general exploitation of the occupied area in favor of Soviet economy;
Soviet judiciary-, intimidation- and repression-system (prisons, camps, speclagry etc.);
Soviet provisional military administration’s interference with the newly established authorities of the East-Central European countries in the geopolitical context;
The contemporary memories and policy of remembrance of the Soviet presence in the former occupied territories;
The strict military approach to the Soviet invasion i.e. analysis of the fights against Wehrmacht, anti-communistic partisans groups as well as other local guerillas, is not in focus of the conference. Moreover history and nature of the communistic movements operating within the Soviet area of influence are also not involved in the discussion. Geographically the conference-papers should include areas of contemporary Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and the territory of former East Germany.

The organizers will provide accommodation and meals.

Languages: English, German, Polish
Guidelines for submission
Please submit your proposals of papers until the March 15th 2015 to respectively to, .
The conference’s program will be published and sent until the end of the March 2015.
The Institute of National Remembrance
Information & contacts
The Institute of National Remembrance
Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation
7 Wołoska Street, 02-675 Warsaw
tel.: +48 22 581 86 60, +48 22 581 85 72

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