Deadline 31 gennaio

Paris, Université Paris 1 Panthéon
-Sorbonne, March 13, 2019
Le Havre, Université Le Havre Normandie, March 14
-15, 2019
The conference is open to individual and group paper presentations. Those willing to present their papers are invited to submit their proposals following the
GUIDELINES FOR PRESENTER CANDIDATES described below. The conference call for papers lasts from November 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019. The selected proposals will be communicated to their authors between December 2018 and
February 2019.
The rise of Asia has a far
-reaching impact on the world, and the Central and Eastern
European region is no exception. Growing economic, political and cultural ties with
Asia, as well as increasing attention from major Asian countrie
s create new
circumstances for the region. Central and Eastern Europe, which in the Western

centric world has long been a semi
-periphery, has suddenly found itself in Eurasia,
which provides an exceptional opportunity to redefine the role of the region. In
addition to politics and the economy, the panel intends to focus on historical, cultural,
intellectual and identity issues to understand the complex effects of the rise of Asia
on Central and Eastern Europe and its wider relationship with its traditional
neighbours such as Western Europe and Russia.
(Viktor Eszterhai, Senior
researcher, Chinese Studies, PAIGEO Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical
Foundation, Budapest, Hungary)
The selection of presenters is based
on the abstract and the basic personal data of
the presenter candidates in respect to the following dates:
1. Deadline for abstract submission: January 31, 2019
2. Announce of the selected presenters: December 2018
-February 2019
3. Deadline for full paper
submission: February 28, 2019
The abstract is limited to approximately 300 words (figures, tables, and references
should not be included in the abstract) accompanied by basic personal data of the
author(s) including:
– Full name and surname
– Gender (mal
– University title (if any)
– Specialism (if any)
– Professional category (lecturer/researcher or activist/practitioner or both)
– Institution/organisation/ company
– Function in institution/organisation/ company
– Full address (physical/post
al address, phone and fax numbers, email)
The basic personal data are to be presented below the abstract (in the same file of
the abstract, not in a separate file)
The full paper is to be presented according to the following basic rule:
– Paper size: A4 (
– Margins: 2.5 cm from all the borders (top, bottom, left, right)
– Interline: double space
– Typography: Times New Roman, 12 points
– Article size: around 4000 words
– Language: English, British style, article to be checked by a competent pers
on in
language editing before submission
The abstract with basic personal data and the full paper are to be sent by e
-mail to
the following e
-mail address:
The presenters as well as simple participants of the conference are supposed to find
the necessary fund for their own participation (visa, international and national
transport, accommodation).
The organising committee w
ill provide practical information related to local hotels
and transport in Paris and Le Havre. The participants will be accompanied by
students of the Université Le Havre Normandie in Master’s Degree in Exchanges
with Asia (with their language proficiencie
s in Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese,
Korean and Russian, in addition to English and French) and Master’s Degree in
Exchanges with Latin America (with their language proficiencies in Portuguese and
Spanish, in addition to English and French).

Author: Aisseco

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