CfP: Hungarian aristocracy between 1947 and 2017

Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest 
1 December 2017

Deadline : 31 October 2017

Two years after the highly successful d’Aremberg conference in 2015, followed
by the symposium about the „Historical Roles of the Hungarian Aristocracy”,
Pázmány Péter Catholic University has decided to organize another scientific
event in 2017, in order to remember the still prevailing Act IV. of 1947.
After World War II, Hungarian nobility was sentenced by a collective and
disproportionate punishment which was the abolition of the historical titles
and the , the effect of which is that even in our days Hungarian society has
ambivalent relationship with the officially non-existent aristocracy. The
refutation of the recognition of a noble elite has become one of the basements
of the so-called democratic political culture – apparently still as an
immovable factor. During the seven decades, generations appeared and
disappeared in such a social and cultural context, therefore the importance of
the noble descent was bound to transform and a lot of historical and
sociological question emerged:

Has the aristocratic identity become a plus value, promoting the excellency in
the contemporary Hungarian – and other, non-Hungarian societies? Is the
former Hungarian aristocracy able to play an important role in the
movements of our days?

How confessional and aristocratic identities are linked? Are the actual
representatives of the former aristocracy related to formal religiosity in a
more tight manner than the average people?

During the past seventy years, how the Hungarian nobility’s attitude to
democratic values, democratic political culture, democratic institutions has
been changed?

How the Hungarian nobility’s attitude can be described when talking about
nation-states – let us think both at the 1947 Paris treaty determined
small-Hungary, and the successor-states (Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria,

The Department of Political Sciences and the Research Group on Comparative
Civilization History of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, together with
the Department of Sociology of the Károli Gáspár Protestant University
organizes for the 1st of December 2017 an international conference on the
history of the Hungarian aristocracy between 1947 and 2017. Lectures will be
given in English and Hungarian.
The conference will be located in the „Sophianum” building of the Pázmány
Péter Catholic University in Budapest (1088, Mikszáth Kálmán tér 1).
You are pleased to send your conference lecture proposal with a short abstract
(200-250 words) at the 31st of October the latest to

Máté Botos PhD

at the mail adress.

Author: Aisseco

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