Workers’ Internationalism before 1914

Workers_ Internationalism before 1914International conference

Workers’ Internationalism before 1914

February 15-16, 2014
School of History, University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ, UK

2014 is the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the International Working Men’s Association in 1864. It is also the 125th anniversary of the foundation of the Socialist International in 1889, and the centenary of the outbreak of the war which precipitated the collapse of that International.

To mark these anniversaries, UEA School of History, in conjunction with the journal Socialist History and the Institute of Working Class History (Chicago) are organising a conference on “Workers’ internationalism before 1914”.

Presentations include:

Thomas Davies, City University, London: “Robert Owen and Workers’ Internationalism before Marxism”
Jürgen Schmidt, Humboldt-University, Berlin: “Transnational Tendencies in a National Framework? The Early German Labour Movement as civil society actor, 1830s to 1860s”
William A. Pelz, IWCH, Chicago: “The International Working Men’s Association’s role in promoting Internationalism, 1864-1874”
Mark Lause, University of Cincinnati: “Internationals With Guns 1870-71: the Legends of Garibaldi’s Armée des Vosges”
Deborah Lavin, London: “‘Cherchez les femmes?’ The two separate inaugural Second International Congresses, Paris, August 1889”
Jamie Melrose, University of Bristol: “Rereading Social Democratic Marxism: The Creation of a Science”
Julia Nicholls, Queen Mary, University of London: “Federation, Republic, and International: French revolutionary thought in exile, 1871-1880”
Robert Brier, German Historical Institute Warsaw: “Nationalism and International Society: The Polish Question and the Politics of Representation at the Second International”
Rory Castle, Swansea University: “Rosa Luxemburg and the Origins of her Internationalism”
Katya Vladimirov, Kennesaw State University: “‘The Artist of Terror’: Grigorii Gershuni and his memoirs ‘Iz Nedavnego Proshlogo'”
Richard Albrecht, Bad Münstereifel: “Clara Zetkin: Anti-militarism, anti-imperialism and the struggle for peace in a socialist perspective”
James Owen, History of Parliament: “John Burns, Tom Mann and the culture of socialist politics in England, 1884-1887”
Gwynn Thomas, “‘Impossibilist’ Socialist Party opposition to World War I in Britain and Canada”
Yann Béliard, Paris 3 University (Sorbonne Nouvelle): “Labour Internationalism in the Port of Hull (1880s-1914): foundations, achievements, limitations”
Andrei Sorescu, UCL SSEES, London: “The Limits of Imagining Internationalism: Early Romanian Socialism and Hegemonic Entanglements”
Ramin Taghian, Vienna: “The Transnational Dimension of the early Iranian Socialist Movement (1906-1911)”
Lucas Poy, Buenos Aires: “The relationship between the Argentine Socialist Party and the Second International, in the period 1889-1914”
Ian Birchall, London: “La Vie Ouvrière: A Beacon of Internationalism”
Tim Wätzold, Catholic University, Eichstätt-Ingolstadt: “Migration and the transplantation of labour movement culture in South-America”
Reiner Tosstorff, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz: “From the International Secretariat of trade union federations to the International Federations of Trade Unions” Ad Knotter, IISH Amsterdam: “Transnational cigar-makers. Cross-border connections, strikes and solidarity at the time of the First International (1864-1873)”
Alice Pate, Kennesaw State University, “Internationalism and the Radical Press in Russia, 1906-1914”


Attendance at the conference is free of charge, but registration is required. For further information and to register, please contact Francis King on .

School of History, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom
Socialist History and the Institute of Working Class History (Chicago) – Journal


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