CfP: Greece Reborn: Aspects of Modern Greece, 1821-2021

In 2021 Greece celebrated 200 years since the outbreak of the Greek Revolution in 1821 that led to the creation of the modern Greek state. The Greek Revolution was a pivotal historical event, the first successful uprising against the Ottoman Empire, with considerable repercussions in Europe and the Mediterranean. Greece was founded as an independent state in 1830 after an arduous military struggle that entailed various political and ideological outlooks and for a long period was the only Western-type state in the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Since its foundation Greece has been a decisive state actor in the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and the greater region of South-East Europe participating in major redistributions of power in the region in the context of historical developments, such as the Balkan Wars, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and the current volatile geopolitical environment in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Balkan History Association is preparing a volume dedicated to modern Greece, its history, geopolitics, language, culture, and society. The volume will be published by Peter Lang (Series “South-East European History”). Authors are invited to submit their paper proposals with special emphasis on: aspects of the Greek Revolution of 1821; history, ideology, and politics of the modern Greek state in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries; historical and current geopolitics of Greece as a state actor in the wider region; international relations of Greece; linguistics and policies of the Greek language; cultural aspects of modern Greek society.

Submission procedure

Please submit your proposal, including the title of your manuscript, an abstract (up to 300 words), and an author biography (up to 100 words) to all editors. The abstracts should include the research question and purpose, the approach and main ideas, and results. No figures, tables, footnotes, or endnotes should be included in the abstract.


October 10, 2021: Submission of the proposals to editors

October 15, 2021: Notification of accepted proposals

March 15, 2022: Receipt of final chapters for peer-review

April 30, 2022: Revised chapters re-submitted to editors

June 30, 2022: Approved chapters submitted for publishing


Ioannis E. Kotoulas (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens),

Radu Tudorancea (“Nicolae Iorga” Institute of History, Bucharest),

Yura Konstantinova (Institute of Balkan Studies and Center of Thracology, Sofia),

Tudor Dinu (University of Bucharest),

Lucien Frary (Rider University, Lawrenceville),

Goran Vasin (University of Novi Sad),

Author: Aisseco

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