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Deadline 31-1-2020

Call for Papers
The School of History and Archaeology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is pleased to announce that the 24th Conference of the Comit? International des ?tudes Pr?-Ottomanes et Ottomanes (International Committee for Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman Studies) will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 23-27 June 2020.
The aim is to provide a platform of a high scholarly level, which will promote the knowledge and sustain the memory of Ottoman history. The city of Thessaloniki, with its diverse past and strong academic community, constitutes the ideal venue for this meeting.
The Conference will include four days of sessions to be held at the Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center (23-26 June). During the excursion that is scheduled for the last day (27 June), participants will have the chance to visit Ottoman sites at a nearby destination.
The organizers encourage thematic panels, but individual papers may also be submitted. In total, there will be 180 presentations. Each paper ? in a panel or independent ? will be of a duration of 15 minutes. Panels are strongly encouraged to consist of four papers (panels of three to six papers will also be allowed as an exception) and should ideally include a brief 5-minute introductory presentation of their theme and rationale. All sessions will be followed by a brief discussion.
The official languages of the conference are English, French, German, and Turkish.
The conference does not have a specific theme, but the organizers encourage panels and individual papers that fall under the following topics:
* The Ottoman Empire in the Age of Revolutions
* Sources: New interpretations and approaches
* Studies on the pre-Ottoman period of Ottoman lands
* The Black Sea in the pre-Ottoman and Ottoman period
* The Mediterranean in the pre-Ottoman and Ottoman period
* Ottoman urban history
* The Ottoman rural society and economy
* Ottoman arts, literature, architecture and science
* Ottoman military history
* Religious communities, confessionalism and conversion
* The Ottomans and the world: Diplomacy, economy and culture
* Elites and marginal groups in the Ottoman Empire
Abstracts for individual papers should not exceed 400 words, while abstracts for papers that are part of a panel proposal should be up to 300 words each (please see the CIEPO standard format of abstractshere). Additionally, panel proposals should also be accompanied by an abstract of up to 400 words on the general theme of the panel, explaining how the papers interconnect and how they contribute to the theme. The latter is to be submitted by the panel leader only, i.e. the person who takes the initiative to organize the panel.
According to their status, all conference participants are kindly requested to submit the online registration form available at the links below:
* Panel Leaders & Members Registration Form
* Individual Papers & Attendees Registration Form
The deadline for the submission of proposals is 31 October 2019.
All panel and individual paper proposals will be examined by an international Vetting Board, which will be appointed by the CIEPO Executive Board, and will consist of members of the CIEPO Governing Directorate. The selection process is double-blind, following the established academic practice for peer review. The names of the members of the Vetting Board will not be announced, and the panel and paper proposals will be forwarded to the Vetting Board by the local organizers anonymously. The Local Organizing Committee will announce the results of the selection process by 15 January 2020. In case of appeals (to be submitted by 31 January 2020), the CIEPO President will act as arbitrator.
Details about the registration fee and accommodation options in Thessaloniki will be circulated in February 2020, upon completion of the selection process. The registration fee is estimated to be about 100-120?, while conference participants are expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Among others, the organizers will provide light lunch and coffee breaks between the conference sessions.
If you have any queries or need assistance with the application process, you may contact us
The Local Organizing Committee Phokion Kotzageorgis Demetris Papastamatiou

Author: Aisseco

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